SANTO SUNSET Environment Network

An Indigenous led Network of community Environmental Champions, working together for the protection of biodiversity, sustainable development, customary governance, gender justice and climate/disaster resilience
within the Santo Mountain Chain Key Biodiversity Area
of the Western Coastline of the Island of Espiritu Santo
in the Republic of Vanuatu

Where to Find Us



  • Mr. Allan Taman, Chairman- Santo Sunset Environment Network Tel: 7743634

  • Mr. Richard Rojo, Vice Chair- Santo Sunset Environment Network Tel: 7676275

  • Mr. Charlie Vula, Coordinator North West- Santo Sunset Tel: 7358068

  • Mr. Benua Jamu, Coordinator West- Santo Sunset Network Tel: 7374349

  • Mr. Vatu Molisa, IUCN Project Liaison Officer Tel: 7778664

  • Facebook Page: Santo Sunset Environment Network

  • Email:

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