Gender Equality

Environmental protection affects women and men differently due to their rights, roles and responsibilities. The unique roles women play in Western Santo communities gives them a unique understanding of the natural resources around them, and makes them agents of positive change.

In West Coast Santo, women often are excluded from participating in community decision and policy-making regarding natural resource use.

Fully taking into account the different roles and responsibilities of men and women is critical for successful environmental protection.

The Santo Sunset Environment Network has prioritized Gender Equality, and established the Santo Sunset Women's Environment Network (SSWEN) in 2017 to empower women and girls.

The Santo Sunset Women's Environment Network is actively running activities with both women and men to help empower all voices for sustainable development in West and North West Santo.

All people have an important contribution to make to their households, communities and our efforts to protect the Santo Mountain Chain Biodiversity Hotspot.

Smol Bisnes Trening Buk SSEN 2020 2.pdf

Gender & Business
Training handbook

Santo Sunset Women's Environment Network has developed a unique training resource, tailored for the women of Western Santo, which includes capacity and knowledge development on topics such as accounting, pricing, domestic violence, women's leadership and household financial management