SSEN Governance

SSEN Constitution signed 25 06 2020.pdf

The Santo Sunset Environment Network is governed by an Executive Committee, made up exclusively by ni-Vanuatu environmental advocates from Western Santo.

After commencing work in 2017, the Network was formalized by a Constitution, drafted by the indigenous resource champions from West Coast and North West Santo, and signed on 25 June 2020.

Executive Committee Office Bearers and Members1. Mr. Allan Kenneth (Peniel) Chairman2. Mr. Richard Rojo (Tasmate) Vice Chairman3. Mr. Tamata Ruben (Sulesai) Secretary4. Mr. George Sari (Elia) Vice Secretary5. Mr. Rexly Bune (Kerepua) Treasurer6. Mr. Benua Jamu (Elia) Network Coordinator (West Coast)7. Mr. Charlie Vula (Dayspring) Network Coordinator (North West)8. Mr. Seule Kamilo (Petani) 9. Mr. Kalino Bune (Kerepua) Member10. Mr. Felix Freeman (Wunpuko) Member11. Mr. Samuel Kenneth, Area Administrator West Coast Santo Area Council (Wusi) Member 12. Chief Lensy Rovo (Elia) Member13. Chief Representative (Bethany) Member